9 feb 2015


It's a name... yeah right, and now that you've delivered this astonishing news? 

Well, this information in itself has little value, but if you're a knitter it is all another story!

In fact, Mailin is also the name of the most recently released pattern by Isabell Kraemer (really? is it so obvious that I love her patterns?). A cropped sweater with a cable-motif in the front.

The pattern in available for purchase in many languages, including italian (guess who did the translation?!?)

It's a double good news for the knitter who speak only italian but a good news also for those italians who read also english patterns.
Obviously not that it is in italian, but the fact that, unlike a lot of designers like the oh-so-loved Stephen West, she decided NOT to close her shop due to the new european law about the selling of digital items.
She wrote that it would be a bit more work for her accountant but it would make it possible to buy directly from her (and NOT through Loveknitting that seems to have some rpoblems) without forcing a brick&mortar shop to buy her patterns. 

It's surely a filter-problems, but if you have the (mis)fortune of living in Rome and "southward" (I can't speak about Tuscany because I don't have any real feedback) you won't be able to buy pattern of most designer, as there aren't LYS who have bought the patterns.

Mailin combines, as usually, the simplicity of shapes with just that modern twist that makes it impossible to call it shabby. At the same time it is a very wearable sweaters and a quick knit due to its  cropped length.

The pattern, veeeeery well written, clear just at the right point, is meant for a rustic yarn (obviously everyone can use the yarn that he prefers), a aran weight shetland woll. Well, a nice, comfy and sporty sweater.

I'm working it with a VERY rustic yarn from Sudtirol, a yarn bought in Sarntal. It a yarn that is very painful to work with as it is very rough (it is sold unwashed) but I know from previous experiences that it softens considerably whan washed. I already worked with it and thought that the pain was due to the fact that I was knitting it in August by the sea in Sicily.

Nope... it's the wool.

So far I like the outcome. I'm using a tecnique used by Alicetwain, who work first both sleeves and THEN the body. So she can squezze them IN the work while working the body.

Finished! And I love it!
On ravelry I read different opinions about this way of knitting. It hasn't changed my life but it is a nice thing to kniw, when you've finished your body, that you DON't have to knit the arms.

Ah, I won't do i-cord neither on the sleeves nor on the body... with Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind-off I have a nice, neat and stretchy border that I won't EVER obtain with I-cord. It's a long long story of uncomprehensions between me and I-cord bind-offs...

2 commenti:

  1. Ah, so beautiful! It fits you perfectly. I love the natural colour & the rustic-ness of the yarn. I haven't knit myself a sweater ... yet. Maybe this will be the one?

    ♡ Kim (treblemaker [Rav I.D.] from Canada)

  2. Thank you! Yes, the yarn is VERY VERY VERY rustic, one of the reasons why I preferred to knit the scoop neck :-)
    If you're thinking about launching yourself in sweater-knitting Isabell's pattern are wonderful, very clearly written and with a good balance easiness-challenge. They're a relaxed knit without being boring.
    Mailin could be a good start, why not? And it's supercozy! If you decide to cast-on, don't forget to notify me (also on ravlery)