18 mag 2016

Knitter from the heart or the mind

Have you ever asked yourself such a question?                        
Are you a knitter fromt the heart or the mind?

I think it's better if I explain what I really mean with this definition.

Looking at a post in Melanie Berg's ravelry group where she excused herself for not having the possibility of choosing for a test everyone who applied and promising a discount code for those left out, I thought "what a nice person! Now I'll knit something made by her with even more pleasure"

And so I realized that I enjoy knitting much more if I knit something created by someone who I like IRL.

Isabell Kraemer is and exceedingly nice person, Melanie Berg looks like one of this kind, too (even if I've begun only now following her). Also Suvi Simola and fortunately also an italian designer, Ela Torrente, are usually quite nice and present in their groups.

There are a couple of designers who are objectively very good, their patterns are awesome and very well written, I like them a lot buuuuut.... they are really unpleasant.
Too "high" to partecipate in an active way to the life or their groups, they snob us "mere" human..
These two, I knit their designs becasue they are really awesome but... with lack of enjoyment and surely no pride in showing the FO..

Then there's one I really find hateful... I don't even look at her patterns, and they are quite nice.
Even her name has the effect of nails along a blackboard.

So I consider myself a knitter with the heart (and not from the mind: i see a pattern, I like it, i knit it), someone who doesn't think only at the pattern per se but seeks something more, a connection.

I don't mean to say tha's the right thing, eh. If someone is talented, than it's so. If you like a pattern from someone, you'll only knit it, there's no need to go out and take a coffee together but... that how I feel.

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