4 mag 2015


Here's the second sweater of my Isabell's sweater resumè.                                                             

means in gaelic April (but on google translator the audio sounds more like Abraham... Ok, April is better :-D).

It's a sweater in DK, a yarn weight that I found, along sport, difficult to classify but it's perfect for slightly sporty sweater without being too bulky. It's a good in-between that knits well, fast and it's not so fatiguing on the hands.

The shape and idea of Aibrean is, as always, essential. In this sweater I see very little room for mods because fornt and back are already textured with a very particular stitch... even if, speaking about it... there could be a pair of things... mmmh, ok, well, let's drop weird ideas for now.

As I was saying... raglan sleeves, wide neck and average length. A sweater to be weared till consumption, ideal even for kids.

Massimo observing my wip Aibrean said "Mum, it looks like dragonscales, do you knit me one?" (Well, actually I asked WHEN I knitted him one -_-), probably being a military green (a gorgeous merino/cashmere mix of the scottish manufacturer Knigcraig) with emerald green flecks helped, but actually the texture resembles the scales of a Dragon. 

As usually are Isabell's pattern, also Aibrean is easy to follow with this little twist to avoid boredom.

The target wool is, rustic and hand-dyed, that of  Sylvie from etsy shop Polo&co.

I didn't buy it because... ehm... money is what it is and I had stuff to use at home... but her shop is one of my favourite and sometimes I'll surely buy from her. How can one resist rustic yarn-hand-dyed and with prices that are in-line with other vendors? The only cons is that she ships via ordinary mail from France, with the always present risk of loosing the purchase in the hands of greedy (and stupid... what will you do with wool?) postmans. Ok, but sometime I'll get over the dread!

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