25 mag 2015

and finally we have in italian ...

Finally, Isabel had the time to  breath after the hectic time she had due to her Berlinknits workshop and could edit and publish the italian translation of 

Aibrean, we already spoke about it.

I actually love this sweater, it is as usual, very simple in its construction but with the twist given from the unusual stitch (the dragonscale-stitch as Massimo calls it).

No waist shaping, not so long... it will not be a long project.

I'm working at it right now even if I'm not super eager of finishing it... now it's really too warm for a merino/cashmere blend. 
But when the cold weather comes, I'll be ready

You can buy it in her Ravelry store

Second there's Hanami, the stripey one  

As one testknitter suggests, it can be a good idea to use a program such as excel or photoshop  to try the various stripe sequence.

I haven't figured out MY striping sequence yet.

So I have to admit that I find this sweater really nice but "frightening".

My fellow knitter Alice and I have a perpetual Isabell-KAL going on. I'm finishing the Aibrean and then we have to start ...a hint of summer. But in the meantime there was this idea of Hanami... and the Berlinknits sweater... and.. Ok, we have to do a serious knitting plan :-) as soon as she returns from holiday.

Hope you don't have my issues with striping, you can find Hanami here

And last, but not least, merely because it's the latest released, there's ...the Berliknits sweater

This, too, is a very wearable and cute sweater released for the Berlinknits convention.

I really love this one and am frantically thinking about the ideal yarn to knit it. I think that it would be very cute even with the lower stripes only in one colour or in a variegated yarn.

As always with Isabell's pattern, you can customize the patterns in a lot of ways, you can knit the same sweater simply changing one detail and you'll have a completely different sweater.

I love it.

...the Berlinknits sweater can be bought here

And now, fellow italian non-foreign-languages-speaking knitter, you have no excuses!

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