14 mag 2015

Feeling stripey? ... Hanami!

And this is the last (for now) sweater of Isabell                                                      

I'm writing "for now" because, unknown to us, a new sweater was being tested and will be available from the days of "Berlin... knits".  So, yes, at the moment Hanami is the most recently released sweaters but it won't last long. 

Ouch, wool, workshops, german and I'm not going.. well, next year, cross my heart.

So... Hanami, that remained without name for so long that someone still calls it the NONAME sweater, It is a nice sweater in Holst with a fluid (as always) shape adn really interesting contrast stripes. 
The pattern features instructions to knit it with wasit shaping or a-ashaping. 

I like it a lot, BUT  it calls for a mammouth miniskein-purchase  AND I have great difficulties figuring out an interesting stripe sequence... I'm really really confused. 

I have no idea how it would turn out.
I think that I will sail toward more calm shores and give a try to the Berlin Knits who has a much lower anxiety level. 

Even considering it is a top-down sweater in garter stich (And it means purl purl purl) It is still too interesting :-)

Ah, and both patterns will soon be available in Italian!

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